To Find Another ‘Vayardo’


Chances are you came across this site in one of two ways;

  1. 1.You know me and were curious about my email domain

  2. 2.Your name is Vayardo and wanted to see who was at

This page is dedicated to those who fall into reason 2. 

I’ve been told by family for years that there are other Vayardo’s out there but no one has been able to verify at least one other.  I’ve done my search for Vayardo’s and have only found one, and it was a last name, not a first.  Ok, that partially counts.

A little about me:  Born in Mexico, live in the San Francisco Bay area, have a beautiful wife and two boys.

If you are a ‘Vayardo’, please contact me at the email below, I’d like to once and for all meet someone with the same first name as I.  We can start a club or something.  It’ll be very exclusive.

lalo(at)vayardo dot com